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Heytesbury Pavilions

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Handcrafted in Britain using sustainable resources, Heytesbury Pavilions specializes in designing distinctive structures that not only elevate garden landscapes, ponds, and waterways but also offer an elegant sanctuary for ducks, poultry, wild birds, and pets.

Established in 2004 near a serene dew pond in Farnham, Surrey, founders Ivor & Sal Ingall embarked on a mission to protect their treasured ducks from potential threats. The creation of their inaugural duck house did more than offer a safe haven; it garnered admiration and intrigue from the community, sowing the seeds for what would become Heytesbury Pavilions.

Drawing from our roots as antique dealers, we had the privilege of collaborating with some of the nation’s finest craftsmen. Our distinct creations swiftly gained traction, earning features in esteemed publications like Country Life and House & Garden magazines.

In 2007, our dedication to excellence was recognized at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Not only were we honoured with an award for our display, but we were also introduced to Alan Tichmarsh, who later became a cherished advocate for our brand.

2008 saw us in the spotlight under less auspicious circumstances: an MP’s commission of a Heytesbury duck house became embroiled in the widely-discussed parliamentary expenses scandal. This event would later inspire the theatrical satire “The Duck House” by Colin Swash and Dan Patterson in 2013/2014, which proudly showcased a custom Heytesbury Pavilion Duck House.

While our expertise in Duck Houses is renowned, our portfolio extends beyond. From grand bridges and dovecotes to tailored dog houses and tit boxes, every piece we craft is bespoke, tailored to our clients’ vision. We proudly uphold our commitment to bespoke craftsmanship, ensuring each product meets the unique needs and desires of our discerning clientele.