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Danish Design

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At Danish Design, we are proud to celebrate our 40th year of crafting exceptional bedding for dogs and cats in the picturesque heart of Yorkshire. As market leaders, our reputation for producing top-quality products extends across the UK and Europe. We are committed to offering stylish, comfortable, and functional pet products that cater to the discerning tastes of pets and their owners. Our attention to detail is unmatched, and we are dedicated to providing outstanding customer care – ensuring that excellence is a standard feature of our offerings.

Danish Design is taking a bold stand against plastic waste. Building upon our long-standing commitment to recycling over 90% of our waste, we now incorporate a portion of recycled fiber in the production of our pet beds. This recycled PET flake is created by shredding plastic bottles, which are then cleaned and heated to produce a liquid that is extruded through a sieve, forming a thread that solidifies into a fiber upon cooling. This fiber is subsequently processed at our carding facility in our factory.

By utilizing PET recycled fiber, we can prevent approximately four million plastic bottles per year from ending up in landfills, natural habitats, and oceans. Danish Design is not only dedicated to creating superior products for your beloved pets but also to embracing sustainable practices that contribute to a healthier planet for all.