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Welcome to, your destination for premium pet mobility products from InnoPet. For over 15 years, InnoPet has been dedicated to fostering the bond between people and their pets by providing innovative and high-quality mobility solutions. Our mission is simple: to let people and pets enjoy each other’s company for a lifetime and embark on carefree adventures together.

“The InnoPet DNA”

InnoPet has evolved into a leading brand in pet mobility since its establishment in 2007. Based in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands, we proudly serve pet stores and retail customers across Europe with a diverse range of products, including dog prams, bike trailers, and other mobility solutions. We prioritize exceptional service, offering flexibility, transparency, and a commitment to overcoming challenges. We believe in building trust and ensuring that our customers and users know exactly what to expect from us.

However, above all else, we cherish the love between people and animals. That’s why we exclusively offer high-quality products that prioritize optimal comfort and safety. Our range empowers you to step outside with your pets without limitations, opening up a world of possibilities. We have been creating these possibilities for more than 15 years, constantly striving to enhance the bond between pets and their owners.

From Market Stall to Market Leader

InnoPet is a family business that spans generations. Our story began more than 40 years ago when founder André Maijer took over the market stall from his father, selling pet supplies across the Netherlands. André’s commitment to customer satisfaction, personal connections, and delivering with a smile set the foundation for the family business.

Introduction of the Dog Pram

During his years at the market, André observed an increasing number of dogs struggling to walk due to age, illnesses, or surgeries. Determined to address this issue, he set out to find a solution. That solution came in the form of a dog pram. André firmly believed that every pet should have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.

After extensive research, André and his wife Corinne introduced the dog pram to the Netherlands in 2007, debuting the InnoPet brand at the DiBeVo fair. The positive response was overwhelming, and InnoPet was born.

Joining Forces

Over the following years, André and Corinne successfully sold numerous dog strollers. In 2007, Ann de Clerq, one of the first Belgian customers, recognized the potential of the product and started selling it in her pet shop. She saw firsthand how customers would visit her store without their dogs and realized she was missing something special.

Convinced of the InnoPet mission, Ann and André joined forces in 2016, combining their expertise and passion for improving the lives of pets and their owners.

The Third Generation

In 2019, Sven Maijer, representing the third Maijer generation, joined the family business. In 2022, Sven officially became the CEO of InnoPet, leading a dedicated team of six individuals. InnoPet has now become the most renowned brand in Europe for pet mobility, offering a comprehensive range of products, including dog prams, trolleys, bike trailers, ramps, and travel bags. We proudly supply our products to retailers and pet shops across Europe and the United Kingdom, solidifying our position as the market leader in many countries.

A Lifetime Out and About with Your Pet

Looking ahead, we remain committed to ensuring that people and animals can continue to enjoy each other’s company for as long as possible. We are dedicated to ongoing innovation, constantly improving our products, and exploring new markets. Additionally, we actively support initiatives that align with our mission. Ultimately, our mission will only be fulfilled when every dog can venture outside carefree alongside their owner. At InnoPet, we are dedicated to bringing back happiness and enabling a lifetime of joyous experiences with your beloved pets.

Visit and discover the InnoPet range, designed to redefine pet mobility and create lasting memories with your furry companions.