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Welcome to Scruffs®, the epitome of premium pet bedding and accessories that enhance the lifestyle of your beloved pets while seamlessly integrating into your home decor. With a legacy spanning over 16 years, Scruffs® has earned its industry-leading reputation by focusing on the unique bond between pets and their human families. Every product donning the Scruffs® logo is a testament to our devotion to the health, comfort, and happiness of your furry or feathery companions. Browse our range on and experience how Scruffs® unites functional brilliance with aesthetic elegance.

Crafting Products Through Detailed Observation and Research

What sets Scruffs® apart is our scientific approach to pet care. We have rigorously studied the feeding and drinking habits of various pets—be it dogs, cats, or small animals—to craft feeding bowls that are just the right size, shape, and depth. Our observations extend to pet owners as well; we know you value ease and convenience. Therefore, Scruffs® bowls are designed to be as easy to handle as they are for your pets to eat or drink from, simplifying the experience for everyone involved.

Setting the Benchmark in Pet Care and Home Décor Fusion

Scruffs® doesn’t just stop at functionality; we go the extra mile to ensure our products look as good as they perform. Drawing inspiration from contemporary home décor trends, we’ve carefully selected sumptuous fabrics and alluring colour palettes that will compliment your living space. Our commitment to style allows us to provide you with pet products that you’ll be proud to display, blending effortlessly with your interior design concepts.

Global Presence, Local Heart

Today, Scruffs® is more than just a brand; it’s a global community of pet lovers, with our products available in over 80 countries and stocked by more than 5,500 retailers. But despite our global reach, we’ve remained true to our roots. Originating as a family-run business in 2005, Scruffs® still operates with the same core ethos, now amplified by a seasoned team of designers, production experts, and quality control technicians. This dedication to quality is evident in our exceptional global returns rate, which remains below 1 in 9,000 annually.

Choose Scruffs® for a Pet-Centric, Style-Conscious Lifestyle

Your pet deserves a Scruffs® bed to lounge on and a Scruffs® bowl to dine from, products crafted with love and backed by science.


Q: Are all Scruffs® products available on
A: We strive to offer a wide selection of Scruffs® premium pet bedding and accessories. However, availability may vary based on stock and demand.

Q: How do I know which Scruffs® bed or bowl is right for my pet?
A: Scruffs® products are designed with specific pet needs in mind. Product descriptions on our website provide detailed information on dimensions, materials, and suitability for various breeds and sizes.

Q: Are Scruffs® products safe for pets with allergies?
A: Scruffs® is committed to using high-quality, hypoallergenic materials in their products. However, for pets with specific allergies, it’s best to consult the product descriptions and your veterinarian for guidance.

Q: What payment methods do you accept for Scruffs® products?
A: We accept multiple forms of payment, including credit/debit cards and secure online payment options like PayPal.

Q: Can I place an order for Scruffs® products over the phone?
A: Yes, our customer service team can assist you with phone orders. However, for the fastest service and real-time stock updates, we recommend ordering through our website.

Q: How long does it take for my Scruffs® product to arrive?
A: Delivery times vary based on your location and the shipping method chosen. Typically, orders are dispatched within 24-48 hours, with delivery usually taking 3-5 business days within the UK.

Q: Do you offer international shipping for Scruffs® products?
A: Yes, we ship Scruffs® products to select international locations. Additional shipping fees and longer delivery times may apply.

Q: What is your return policy for Scruffs® products?
A: We offer a hassle-free return policy within 30 days of purchase, provided the product is unused and in its original packaging. Please note that return shipping fees may apply.