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Evoking the essence of architectural elegance, the Dunster Yarn Market Bird Table is a tribute to the iconic Yarn Market in Dunster, Somerset. This exquisite piece, one of our more intricate designs, seamlessly marries the legacy of history with the delicate chirrups of avians, making it a Grade I-listed masterpiece for your feathered guests.

Key Features:

  • Architectural Tribute: A near-perfect representation of the famed Yarn Market in Dunster, Somerset, each table captures its distinct character and charm.
  • Intricate Design: A testament to our commitment to craftsmanship, this bird table showcases one of our more detailed designs, adding an aura of sophistication to any garden.
  • Premium Materials: Carved from robust oak, it stands resilient against the test of time, while its marine ply base ensures stability and durability.
  • Octagonal Lead-Covered Roof: The complexity of its design is further accentuated with an octagonal lead-covered roof, mirroring the iconic structure it’s inspired by.
  • Avian Luxury: Think of it as a Grade I listing for your local flock, offering them a regal perch to rest and revel.
  • Dimensions: Stands tall at a height of 685mm, stretching across the longest octagonal axis of 685mm.

The Dunster Yarn Market Bird Table is not just another addition to your garden; it’s a conversation starter, a piece of art, and a reflection of a rich historical tapestry. Invest in this architectural marvel and let your garden resonate with the combined symphonies of history and nature.

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Height: 685mm Across the longest octagonal axis 685mm