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Drawing inspiration from the alluring charm of Venice, our Venetian Villa Bird Table is an epitome of grace and functionality combined. Ideal for gardens where the elements often play a defining role, this design not only offers sanctuary but does so with an unmistakable flair. Reflecting the subtle intricacies of a British pavilion nestled in the public gardens near the famed Arsenale in Venice, this bird table invites your avian visitors to a splendid retreat.

Key Features:

  • Venetian Charm: The design pays homage to the enchanting beauty of Venice, blending it seamlessly with the utility of a bird table.
  • Optimal Shelter: Designed with protection in mind, it provides the perfect refuge for birds against unpredictable weather conditions.
  • Architectural Inspiration: Loosely echoing a British pavilion from Venice’s iconic public gardens, this table is a blend of Venetian elegance and British functionality.
  • Luxurious Retreat: More than just a feeding point, it offers a regal respite for your garden’s flock, ensuring they feel pampered and protected.
  • Dimensions: Carefully crafted with a height of 393mm, a width of 609mm, and a depth of 444mm, it’s a substantial presence without being overbearing.

The Venetian Villa Bird Table doesn’t just serve as a feeding spot; it’s a statement of style, luxury, and care. Gift your avian guests this piece of Venetian luxury, ensuring that every chirrup and flutter is sung in comfort and splendour. Elevate your garden aesthetics and make it the talk of the town, or at least the talk of the birds!

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Height: 393mm Width: 609mm Depth: 444mm