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Wheels 4 Dogs

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Welcome to, where we believe that every pet deserves a chance to enjoy life to the fullest. Allow us to introduce you to Wheels4dogs, a business born out of love and determination to help pets with mobility challenges.

Julia and David, the founders of Wheels4dogs, encountered a problem with their beloved German Shepherd Dog, Heidi, back in 2008. They noticed that one of her back feet seemed to be catching as she walked. After veterinary tests, Heidi was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) or Chronic Degenerative Radiculomyelopathy (CDRM). They were informed that there was no treatment available, and she would progressively lose the use of her back legs.

Refusing to accept this fate for Heidi, Julia and David embarked on a journey to find a solution. They discovered the availability of wheels for dogs, but the first set they obtained proved to be challenging for Heidi to use due to their weight. Undeterred, they continued their search and stumbled upon Walkin’ Wheels® in the USA. With guidance and perseverance, Julia and David learned how to use the wheels, providing Heidi with newfound mobility.

Heidi’s transformation caught the attention of their community as they enjoyed walks together, drawing the admiration and support of those they encountered. Seeing the immense positive impact on Heidi’s life, Julia and David were determined to share this opportunity with other dogs facing mobility challenges.

When the chance arose to import these remarkable products to the UK, they seized the opportunity without hesitation. They believed that every dog, regardless of their mobility limitations, should be given a chance to experience the joy of an active life.

After six years of running Wheels4dogs, Julia and David decided to retire, passing the baton to a passionate individual who shared their vision. In 2016, the new owner took over the business, continuing the mission of helping animals enjoy life despite disabilities.

Wheels4dogs started as a one-person operation, operating from a home office and garage. However, as awareness spread about the possibility of improving the lives of mobility-challenged pets, the business grew. Today, a team of five dedicated individuals runs Wheels4dogs, and they have expanded to a warehouse. In 2021, they became a limited company.

At, we are proud to offer the products and support of Wheels4dogs. We understand the special bond between pets and their owners and believe in providing solutions that enrich and extend the lives of our beloved companions. Meeting these incredible pets and their inspiring owners is an honor and a constant reminder of the resilience and joy that animals bring into our lives.

Discover the transformative power of Wheels4dogs at and give your mobility-challenged pet the opportunity to experience a life full of freedom and happiness. Trust in our dedication to supporting pets with disabilities and join us in celebrating the remarkable journeys of these courageous animals and their loving owners.