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Angie Porter, a professional pet groomer, spent more than a decade searching for the perfect tool to tackle dog shedding. Having tried every available device in the industry, she realized that the ideal solution didn’t exist. Determined to create a groundbreaking tool, she teamed up with her husband, David, and together, they developed the FURminator® deShedding Tool. This unique invention is the first and only tool designed to safely, efficiently, and comfortably remove a pet’s loose undercoat, making it the most sought-after shedding solution on the market.

Elevating Pet Grooming with the FURminator® Product Line

As the creators of the FURminator® deShedding Tool, the FURminator® brand continues to set the standard in innovative, proprietary shedding solutions. Their extensive range of deShedding tools, grooming tools, hair care products, bathing, and hygiene solutions enhances and expands the FURminator® deShedding experience for both pet parents and their furry companions. In essence, no other pet care solution on the market compares to the FURminator® product line.

A Passion for FURminator® Products Shared by Millions

FURminator® products have garnered a loyal following among millions of pet enthusiasts. Their superior offerings, combined with a devoted customer base, have led to high demand and widespread acclaim. Made with top-quality materials and backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, FURminator® products can be found in specialty retail stores worldwide. By providing exceptional pet care solutions, FURminator® products strengthen the bond between pet parents and their pets, making grooming sessions more enjoyable than ever before.