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Stepping into the realm of distinctive design, our Bandstand Bird Table stands out with its predominant metal composition and pays a fitting tribute to the classic bandstands we’ve grown to love. Showcasing an ornate curve on its copper roof, this bird table is not just a feeder, but an emblem of entertainment and gatherings of yore. As a cherished design within the Heytesbury Pavilion collection, it promises to be a stage where avian melodies are set free and remembered.

Key Features:

  • Metal Marvel: Being the only folly in our collection that predominantly features metal, it’s a unique and robust addition to any garden.
  • Ornamental Roof: The elegant curve of the copper roof is not just about aesthetics; it’s a nod to the classic bandstands, making it a work of art as much as a functional bird table.
  • Homage to Bandstands: This design fondly recalls the iconic structures where communities gathered to enjoy music, ensuring birds have a perch that echoes history.
  • Flock’s Favorite: Designed to attract a variety of birds, it ensures they don’t just come for the feed but also stay for the ambiance.
  • Dimensions: With a height of 700mm, width of 600mm, and depth of 700mm, it’s perfectly proportioned to be a centerpiece without overpowering its surroundings.

The Bandstand Bird Table offers more than just a feeding point; it’s a concert stage where feathered friends can come together, celebrating their own symphonies. While the backstage pass might not be included, rest assured, the front row seats are always available for your local flock. Bring home a piece of musical history and let your garden be the venue for nature’s finest concerts.

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Height: 700mm Width: 600mm Depth: 700mm