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Furr Boost

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Furr Boost offers an exquisite selection of 100% natural dog drinks, specifically designed to provide your canine companion with the best oral rehydration support. Our beverages are packed with nutrients to complement their diet and promote overall well-being. Furr Boost helps your dog replenish lost fluids and nutrients that may occur due to illness or when your dog refuses to drink water. Our wholesome hydration drinks are suitable for year-round consumption and come in a variety of flavors to please even the pickiest pups.

Our Journey to Furr Boost

Hello, I’m Louise, and this is my fur baby, Phoebe!

When Phoebe was 18 months old, she suffered from bladder issues, which her veterinarian traced back to her dog food. Drawing on my expertise as a Food Technologist, I began experimenting with protein shakes to flush out Phoebe’s system and provide her with the hydration she needed when she refused to drink enough water.

This experimentation resulted in the creation of Furr Boost and our three delectable smoothie flavors. Each recipe features a combination of meat, fruit, and vegetables, along with added oils and vitamins, making our drinks more than just hydration solutions—they also support your dog’s well-being in areas such as digestion, skin and coat health, anxiety, metabolism, and immunity. Phoebe is now happy, healthy, and eagerly awaits her daily tasty treat. We’re delighted to make Furr Boost available to all dogs, ensuring no furry friend misses out. We hope your dog enjoys our drinks as much as Phoebe does!