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Ancol Pet Products is a family-owned, independent enterprise specializing in providing top-quality pet accessories for dogs, cats, and small animals. With a rich history spanning over 50 years, our West Midlands-based company in Walsall has dedicated itself to crafting exceptional pet products for discerning pet owners.

Our esteemed reputation is built upon delivering outstanding pet products, coupled with exceptional service, unrivaled lead times, and consistently high stock availability. Our passionate and driven team members work tirelessly to ensure every customer enjoys both top-notch products and unparalleled service. These efforts have enabled us to establish strong, long-lasting business relationships with our suppliers and trade customers, founded on mutual loyalty and trust.

As we look to the future of Ancol Pet Products and our planet, we have developed innovative new product ranges using recycled materials. Our commitment to sustainability extends to reducing plastic packaging and ensuring that our product lines are as eco-friendly as possible. Oshi, our environmental mascot, graces the packaging of all our eco-conscious products to highlight our dedication to “Doing Our Bit” for the environment.

With over five decades of successful trading, the Ancol brand has become synonymous with quality and extraordinary customer service. We employ a variety of methods to maintain our high standards, including analyzing market trends, designing imaginative products, conducting rigorous testing, employing thoughtful marketing and merchandising strategies, and ensuring prompt delivery. Through these efforts, we guarantee exceptional Ancol products and services for wholesalers, independent pet trade professionals, and end customers alike.

By choosing Ancol Pet Products, you’re not only providing your pets with exceptional accessories but also supporting a company that values sustainability and is dedicated to preserving our planet for future generations. Experience the difference that our commitment to quality and environmental responsibility can make for your pets and the world around us.