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Henry Wag

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Welcome to, your go-to destination for innovative pet solutions. We are thrilled to introduce you to Henry Wag, a brand that truly understands the needs and challenges faced by pet owners with an active outdoor lifestyle.

Henry Wag is the brainchild of Grant Rogers, a product designer and son of a dairy farmer. Inspired by his own experiences of living an active outdoor life with dogs and three daughters, Grant saw the need for practical solutions that would allow dog owners to include their beloved pets in their daily activities while keeping the dirt and mess at bay.

At Henry Wag, we are dedicated to creating products that effectively eliminate the “dirty dog effect” from your home and car. Our range is specifically designed to address the unique problems encountered with outdoor living and pet travel. Whether it’s muddy paws, wet fur, or general mess, our innovative solutions have got you covered.

With a focus on aspirational lifestyle branding, our products appeal not only to rural owners but also to those who find joy in the simple pleasure of a wet dog. We understand that your furry friend is an integral part of your life, and we believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise on cleanliness or convenience.

Explore the Henry Wag collection at and discover a range of products that will revolutionize the way you live and travel with your pet. Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning up after outdoor adventures and embrace a life where your dog can join in the fun without bringing the mess along. Trust Henry Wag to provide you with practical, stylish, and effective solutions for your pet’s needs. Shop now and embrace a cleaner, happier pet ownership experience.