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Inspired by an iconic 18th-century lodge gate building, recreated at Skansen – the renowned museum of buildings in Stockholm, we present the exquisite Stockholm Duck House. This piece is not just a functional shelter for ducks, but a marquee showcase of our collection, reflecting the rich architectural heritage it draws upon.

Key Features:

  • Design Inspiration: Modeled after an 18th-century lodge gate building at Skansen in Stockholm, embodying the essence of architectural beauty from a bygone era.
  • Exquisite Roofing: The fishscale lead roof is not just durable but lends an old-world charm to the duck house.
  • Signature Italianate Lantern: Perched atop is an elegant Italianate lantern, casting a gentle glow, and adding to its aesthetic appeal.
  • Dimensions:
    • Duck House: 1422mm in height and 825mm x 825mm in base dimensions.
    • Pontoon (floating base): 279mm in height and 1333.5mm x 1333.5mm in base dimensions.
  • Elegant Pond Feature: More than a shelter, it serves as a sophisticated focal point for your pond, seamlessly blending elegance with functionality.
  • Safe Haven: Designed to provide ducks with a luxurious yet protective environment against external elements.

Note: Scandal not included.

Elevate the elegance of your pond with the Stockholm Duck House, where history, design, and utility converge for an unparalleled experience. Your ducks will not just live; they will thrive in style.

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Height: 1422mm and 825mm square.


Height: 279mm and 1333.5 mm Square