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Marrying the elegance of Parisian architectural splendor with a touch of Italianate finesse, the Paris Façade Bird Table presents a mesmerizing blend of two iconic cultures. By transforming the original facade into a four-sided structure, what emerges is not just a bird table, but an epitome of European elegance that appeals to the most discerning avian visitors.

Key Features:

  • European Elegance: Inspired by a Parisian facade and cleverly reconstructed into a four-sided edifice, the resulting design channels the charm of an Italianate villa.
  • Even-Angled Design: Its symmetrical and balanced structure ensures stability and offers a panoramic view for our feathered friends, making it an ideal vantage point.
  • Versatile & Popular: Adored not just for its aesthetics but also for its functionality, it’s a preferred choice amongst a diverse range of birds, from the common to the exotic.
  • Premium Craftsmanship: While its design nods to European grandeur, the construction and finish speak of our commitment to quality and durability.
  • Dimensions: Perfectly proportioned with a height of 406mm, and matching width and depth dimensions of 381mm, it offers ample space without dominating its surroundings.

With the Paris Façade Bird Table, you’re introducing more than a feeding point; you’re adding a touch of European luxury to your garden, beckoning birds with the promise of grandeur. Let your outdoor space resonate with chirrups of approval and admiration with this architecturally-inspired marvel.

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Height: 406mm Width: 381mm Depth: 381mm