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Cardboard Cat Scratchers

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Cardboard cat scratchers are essential accessories for cat owners, providing a designated surface for cats to exercise their natural scratching instincts. This helps to maintain their claws’ health while protecting your furniture and other household items from potential damage. With a diverse range of designs, shapes, and features available, cardboard cat scratchers cater to the unique preferences and requirements of both cats and their owners.

Key Features:

  1. Flat scratchers: These basic scratchers feature a flat or slightly inclined surface, offering a simple and accessible scratching option for cats. Flat scratchers can be placed on the floor or mounted on a wall for added versatility.
  2. Inclined scratchers: Inclined cat scratchers provide an angled surface for cats to scratch, encouraging a more natural and comfortable body posture. This design can be more engaging and appealing to some cats.
  3. Scratch pads: Scratch pads are smaller, portable cardboard scratchers that can be easily moved and placed throughout your home. They are ideal for smaller spaces or as an additional scratching option.
  4. Scratcher lounges: These scratchers combine a scratching surface with a comfortable resting area, allowing your cat to scratch and relax in the same spot. Lounges often feature a curved or contoured design for added comfort.
  5. Scratch posts: Cardboard scratch posts are vertical scratchers that encourage your cat to stretch and scratch simultaneously. These posts can be free-standing or integrated into a larger cat furniture piece, such as a cat tree or condo.
  6. Eco-friendly materials: Cardboard cat scratchers are made from recycled and biodegradable materials, making them an environmentally friendly option for conscientious pet owners.
  7. Catnip inclusion: Some cardboard scratchers come with catnip, which can be sprinkled on the scratching surface to encourage your cat to use the scratcher and stay engaged.
  8. Replaceable panels: Many cardboard cat scratchers feature replaceable scratching panels, allowing you to extend the life of the scratcher and maintain its effectiveness over time.
  9. Aesthetically pleasing designs: Cardboard cat scratchers are available in a variety of styles, colors, and shapes to blend seamlessly with your home’s décor and appeal to your cat’s preferences.
  10. Lightweight and portable: Cardboard cat scratchers are typically lightweight and easy to move, offering flexibility in placement and allowing you to provide multiple scratching options for your cat.


  1. Claw health: Cardboard cat scratchers provide a designated surface for your cat to maintain their claws, promoting overall claw health and well-being.
  2. Furniture protection: By providing a designated scratching surface, cardboard cat scratchers can help protect your furniture and other household items from potential damage.
  3. Exercise and stretching: Scratching allows cats to stretch their muscles and exercise, contributing to their overall physical health.
  4. Stress relief: Scratching can serve as a stress-relieving activity for cats, helping to improve their emotional well-being.
  5. Eco-friendly option: Cardboard cat scratchers are made from recycled materials, making them a more environmentally friendly choice compared to some other scratching options.