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Welcome to, where we prioritize the happiness and well-being of your pets. At Webbox, we pour our love, fun, understanding, and inventiveness into everything we create. When you choose Webbox, you can be confident that your pet will be greeted with a smile upon opening our delicious meals and tasty treats. Discover the difference and explore our amazing range online today.

Our products are trusted by owners and loved by pets. If your fur babies could talk, they would tell you that nothing compares to the burst of flavor that comes with Webbox. It’s that first delicious mouthful and the rewarding treat that says “well done!” It’s the spring in your pet’s step and the new shine in their coat. Webbox not only provides pets with what they need but also delivers what they truly want. Order online today and experience the joy it brings to your pet’s life.

Prepare for a culinary delight! The Webbox team, located at a secret location in Lancashire, is passionately cooking up delicious food and treats for dogs, cats, and wildlife. Our products are not only great value for money but also highly nutritious. We ensure that every box is checked when it comes to taste, because we know that happy pets make for happy pet parents.

At Webbox, we consider ourselves purr-fect pals to pet parents. Our team has put their opposable thumbs to good use to create this website specifically for you. If you want to learn more about our history, we’ve compiled a timeline that showcases the journey it took to bring us to where we are today.

From 1988, when Pets Choice was born as a one-stop-shop for all things pet, to 1992 when Webbox became a part of our family after acquiring EK Animal Feeds, our journey has been one of growth and dedication to providing the best for pets.

We’ve introduced iconic products along the way, such as the beloved Chub Rolls, which quickly became a favorite among pets nationwide. Our Cat Stars treats and Cats Delight Pâté shaped packs delighted feline friends, while our complete dry dog food and Chomping Chews became go-to choices for dogs and their owners.

Pets deserve the best, which is why only the finest ingredients go into Webbox products. Our innovative recipes and locally sourced meats ensure that distinctive Webbox taste is always guaranteed.

Experience the joy of Webbox products at and witness the happiness it brings to your pet’s life. Trust in our commitment to quality and indulge your pets with our delicious offerings. Shop now and let the smiles on your pet’s face be a testament to the delight they experience with Webbox.