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Welcome to, your trusted source for equine nutrition. We are pleased to introduce you to Dengie, a brand that has been supporting the local farming community since its establishment as a farmer’s cooperative in 1968.

Dengie continues to uphold its ethos of supporting local farmers, growing as many of its own ingredients as possible. This practice not only keeps the “feed miles” low but also ensures the highest level of traceability. Each bag of Dengie horse feed can be traced back to the specific field where the ingredients were grown.

One of Dengie’s pioneering contributions to equine nutrition is the use of high-temperature drying techniques in the UK. This innovative drying process, unlike traditional sun-drying methods for hay, allows crops to be harvested earlier, resulting in higher digestibility, increased energy, and enhanced natural nutrient content. Dengie feeds are known for their consistency, cleanliness, and low levels of dust and mold, making them ideal for performance horses or those with respiratory issues.

At Dengie, the belief in the importance of fiber for horse health is paramount. Fiber is crucial for the proper functioning of the horse’s digestive system, and Dengie advocates for a “think fiber first” approach to equine diets. For most horses and ponies, a fiber-only diet can easily meet their energy requirements. Explore the comprehensive range of Dengie fiber feeds and discover the benefits they provide.

Alfalfa, a key component in Dengie feeds, has been used as horse fodder for centuries. It is an excellent source of slow-release energy in a naturally nutritious form. Dengie believes in the benefits of alfalfa and its long-standing role as a trusted feed for horses.

The Dengie philosophy revolves around creating the best and healthiest feeds, with a strong emphasis on supporting equine nutrition research. Dengie employs a team of highly qualified nutritionists who actively collaborate with respected institutions worldwide. This includes working with agronomists to develop crops that are even more nutritious for horses, exerting influence on feed quality from the seed stage.

At Dengie, the nutritional care and well-being of horses are at the forefront of everything they do. Trust Dengie’s ongoing commitment to improving horse health and rely on their expertise when it comes to your equine companion’s nutrition.

Experience the Dengie difference at, where we offer a wide range of their exceptional feeds. Shop now and provide your horse with the highest standard of nutrition and care, backed by Dengie’s expertise and unwavering dedication.