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Step back in time and immerse yourself in the grandeur of ancient civilization with our Greek Temple Bird Table. Paying tribute to one of the most significant architectural contributions of ancient Greece, this bird table is more than just a feeding spot; it’s a celebration of history, art, and avian worship.

Key Features:

  • Timeless Tribute: Recognizing the indelible mark of ancient Greek architecture on the world, our bird table stands as a fitting homage to that legacy.
  • Channel the Divine: Perfect for those moments when you wish to channel the Greek Gods or simply reminisce about the grand temples that once graced ancient landscapes.
  • Votive Offerings: Beyond just feeding, the design encourages votive offerings, making it a revered spot for your local birds to gather, feast, and perhaps, share whispered tales from Mount Olympus.
  • Crafted in Solid Oak: Beyond its historical significance, the bird table boasts of premium craftsmanship, being carved from solid oak, ensuring longevity and a timeless aesthetic.
  • Dimensions: It stands gracefully at a height of 419mm, with a width of 406mm and a depth of 508mm.

The Greek Temple Bird Table is more than a piece of garden furniture; it’s an intersection of history, faith, and nature. As you introduce it to your outdoor space, you’re not just inviting birds, but also a sense of wonder, mythology, and the whispered tales of gods and heroes. Elevate your garden with this piece of timeless elegance.

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Height: 419mm Width:406mm Depth: 508mm