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At Lord Lou, we are passionate about pets and creating the best surroundings for them to play, purr, and wag their tails. As an independent Dutch lifestyle brand, we understand the deep-rooted wish to lavish our furry friends with attention and the best possible environment.

We challenge the traditional concept of the “comfortable pet basket” and strive to create products that are better, more expressive, more stylish, and more beautiful to look at. Our pet accessories are designed to offer luxurious comfort to your pet while blending seamlessly with your interior design.

We believe that our beloved companions deserve the same luxury as we do, which is why we use the same materials and fabrics for our pet products as we would for traditional furniture. Our designs cater to a wide range of styles, from modern and minimalist to baroque and maximalist, ensuring that you and your pet are always covered.

All of our products are designed in the Netherlands and handcrafted locally by experienced craftsmen using only the finest, high-quality materials. From stonewashed fabric to vegetable-tanned leather, we take great care in selecting the materials that go into our products, ensuring that they are timeless, fashionable, and built to last.

At Lord Lou, we create beautiful products for those who believe their pets deserve the best and are willing to go the extra mile. For us, a pet bed is not just a pet bed, but an expression of the love and deep respect we feel for our best friends. If you value your pet’s happiness, then we are here to cater to you and your furry friend.