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Building on a legacy that began in 1960, Rosewood presents its new Eco-Friendly Pet Care Collection — a groundbreaking assortment meticulously designed for the conscious pet parent. When Rose Wood, along with her husband Eric and partner Harry Irving, founded Rosewood, they envisioned a company that would go beyond just supplying pet products; they wanted to make a real impact on pet lives. Keeping in line with that ethos, our Eco-Friendly Collection is all about providing sustainable, quality products that are in harmony with the environment.

The Eco-Friendly Pet Care Collection offers a wide array of items, including biodegradable waste bags, organic treats, and toys made from recycled materials. Our special “Green Paws” line of bedding is made with organic cotton and sustainable filling materials. Recognizing the diverse needs of pet parents—whom we prefer to call “family”—this collection serves dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, and even fish. From hemp-based bird nesting materials to plant-based aquarium decor, the range is truly comprehensive.

Our commitment to quality remains unwavering. Whether it’s the naturally dyed fibers in our cat toys or the non-toxic rubber in our dog chews, we’ve maintained the high standards Rosewood is known for. Just like our other collections, where we can’t find products that meet our stringent criteria for quality, ethics, and sustainability, we develop our own. The Eco-Friendly Pet Care Collection is not just a range of products; it’s a testament to Rosewood’s enduring commitment to innovation and quality.

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword for us; it’s rooted in our DNA. This collection aims to reduce the carbon pawprint of our beloved pets and also educate pet parents about the importance of sustainable choices. A portion of the proceeds from this collection will be donated to environmental causes and animal welfare organizations. Thus, when you choose a product from this range, you’re not just making a purchase; you’re making a statement for a better planet.

True to our brand’s promise, we offer exceptional customer service and speedy delivery options for the Eco-Friendly Collection, so your pets never have to wait too long to start their sustainable journey. For our stockists, this range offers a unique selling point: high-quality, eco-conscious products that resonate with today’s consumer. And for our suppliers, we extend an invitation to join us in this vital cause, enriching lives one pet at a time.

With the Eco-Friendly Pet Care Collection, Rosewood furthers its mission of keeping pets and their families happy and healthy, while also giving back to the planet we all call home. Because at Rosewood, it’s not just a pet thing; it’s a planet thing!