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Welcome to, your trusted source for pet food products. We are pleased to introduce you to Felix Catfood Ltd, a renowned brand with a rich history in the pet food industry.

Felix Catfood Ltd has a remarkable legacy that dates back to before the Second World War when it began as a manufacturer of dry cat biscuits. Originally operating from a single factory in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, the company caught the attention of The Quaker Oats Company, which acquired it in 1970 as part of its expansion into the UK pet food market.

Under the ownership of Quaker Oats, production was moved to their factory in Southall, west London, and the product range was expanded to include tinned wet food. This expansion marked an important milestone for the Felix brand, allowing it to offer a more diverse and comprehensive selection of cat food options.

In the 1980s, Felix faced challenges in the market, struggling with poor sales and competition from own-label cat foods. To combat this, the brand underwent a significant re-launch in 1989. This re-launch involved introducing a new product range and introducing the iconic black-and-white “Felix” mascot, which quickly became synonymous with the brand.

With a vigorous advertising campaign that spanned newspapers and television, Felix experienced a remarkable surge in popularity across the UK and Europe. By 1996, Felix had surpassed Whiskas, the previous market leader, and claimed the top spot in the UK cat food market with a 50 percent share. However, Whiskas later regained its position as the brand leader.

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