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Maintain your pet’s claws effortlessly and safely with the Ancol Ergo Nail Clippers. Crafted from robust tempered steel, these long-lasting and efficient clippers are designed to ensure a comfortable and stress-free claw trimming experience for both you and your pet.

The Ancol Ergo Nail Clippers come equipped with a safety mechanism and a blade indent, enabling you to trim the right amount of claw without causing discomfort. As part of the comprehensive Ergo range by Ancol, these clippers complement various tools designed to care for your pet’s coat, skin, and claws.

To use the clippers, make sure your dog is calm and still. If your dog is unaccustomed to having their claws trimmed, consider having another person present to hold your dog. Firmly hold the dog’s toe, keeping it steady. Open the clippers by pulling the safety catch downwards. Utilize the built-in guard to ensure only a small portion of the nail is cut. Place the clipper over the very tip of the claw, and close it to remove the end of the claw.

Important: Only remove the very end of the claw to avoid cutting the quick (a vein running through the claw), which can cause pain. For dogs with dark claws, try examining the claw from underneath to locate the quick. Regardless of claw length, proceed with caution and trim only the very tip of the claw. Regularly clip long claws in small increments to help the quick recede.

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