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Introducing Ancol Dog Cologne Kennel 5 Spray – the ideal choice for classy canines looking for a touch of elegance and a delightful fragrance. This Kennel 5 Cologne blends an array of captivating floral scents to provide your dog with an air of sophistication and a divine aroma.

Key features of Ancol Dog Cologne Kennel 5 Spray include:

  • Designed to deodorize and mask unpleasant odors on your dog’s coat, leaving it refreshed and smelling delightful.
  • Perfect for use after a bath or anytime in between, ensuring your dog always smells fresh and inviting.
  • Formulated with soothing chamomile to gently care for your dog’s skin.
  • Utilizes high-quality perfumes to guarantee a potent and long-lasting scent.
  • Easy-to-use spray bottle allows for quick and convenient application.

To use Ancol Dog Cologne Kennel 5 Spray, simply spritz it onto your dog’s coat, avoiding direct contact with their eyes, nose, mouth, or ears. With this luxurious cologne, your dog will enjoy an instant boost of freshness and a beautifully fragrant scent that lasts.

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