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Introducing the Henry Wag Pet Noodle Glove Towel, a versatile and innovative solution for pet care. Henry Wag is dedicated to creating products that enhance the health and wellbeing of pets while simplifying pet care for their owners. Ensuring cleanliness and hygiene is crucial in providing the highest level of care for your furry companion. By effectively removing water and dirt, you can reduce the risk of infection and protect the interior of your home and car.

The Pet Noodle Glove Towel is perfect for drying off your dog after wet, muddy walks, shielding your car and home interiors from dirt and moisture. The soft noodle-like microfibers are gentle on your pet’s coat, preventing hair from being pulled and leaving it with a silky sheen. The towel comes in a convenient and easy-to-access Henry Wag sleeve pack.

Boasting advanced microfiber technology, the Henry Wag Pet Noodle Glove Towel effortlessly removes dirt and locks it away. It absorbs more water and dries faster than traditional towels, making cleaning and drying a breeze. The highly absorbent microfiber noodles effectively remove dirt and water from your dog’s coat, while the towel is quick-drying and easily washable.

Measuring 80 x 35 cm, the Henry Wag Pet Noodle Glove Towel is the perfect addition to your pet care routine, offering a practical and efficient solution for keeping your pet clean and your living spaces protected.

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