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The Epsom Three Nest is an innovative solution for those looking to accommodate multiple avian friends. Similar to a nest box that offers shelter to a blue tit, the Epsom Three Nest is crafted to cater to the needs of ducks. It provides them with a secure and comfortable space for nesting and potentially a protective roosting site for the night.

It’s important to remember that these birds are primarily wild by nature. They will inhabit the Epsom Three Nest, raise their young, and then, as per their natural instincts, they will move on. Don’t take this as a personal slight — it’s simply the way of life for these creatures.

The key to attracting these waterfowl to the Epsom Three Nest is to make it feel as natural as possible. To create an authentic ambiance, add a handful of disorderly reeds and a bit of bank mud to the nesting areas. A commonly suggested, albeit unverified, strategy includes lining the nest floor with damp turf, green side down.

If you decide to clean and maintain your Epsom Three Nest, we recommend doing it once a year, preferably in the early autumn. Remember, our goal is to encourage these wild creatures to adapt to an unconventional nesting site, so avoid using strongly scented cleaners. Just remove some of the old nesting material and rinse the structure gently with pond water.

The Epsom Three Nest is a unique design featuring a hexagonal float, house, and roof, all incorporating three separate nesting bays. This exclusive design offers a high degree of versatility when it comes to positioning. If your pond’s size permits, the nest can be extended across from opposite banks. For larger ponds or lakes, you may need to anchor the house in the middle of the water. Additional options like tether pegs, mud anchors, and chains are available for purchase to assist in these scenarios.

As with all our products, the Epsom Three Nest comes with a 5-year guarantee, giving you added assurance on your investment. For more information about our guarantee, please click here. We stand behind the quality of our products, and their ability to create a suitable, nature-like environment for our feathered friends.

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