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The Epsom Duck House is an excellent habitat solution for our avian friends. Much like a nest box is indispensable to a blue tit, the Epsom Duck House is designed to provide the perfect accommodation for ducks. It should be noted that ducks, like tits, are largely wild creatures. Therefore, they’re prone to utilizing the house as a nesting zone and potential secure spot for night roosting.

In interacting with this specially designed house, expect the ducks to fully enjoy the comforts you’ve provided. They’ll likely raise their young there, and then continue on their migratory journey. Don’t take this as a slight — it’s just part of their wild nature!

A key to attracting these waterfowl is making the Epsom Duck House as natural-seeming as possible. It should smell and feel right to the ducks. Consider adding a few handfuls of untidy reeds and a dollop of bank mud in the nesting areas, which will make it more appealing and home-like to these visitors. An untested but often-mentioned tip involves lining the floor of the new nest box with a layer of damp turf, green side down.

If you’re inclined to clean and treat your Epsom Duck House, it’s recommended to do so once a year in the early autumn. But remember, as we are encouraging wild creatures to use an unconventional nesting site, it’s best to avoid strongly scented cleaners. A simple approach is to remove some of the old nesting material and wash the house down with pond water.

When it comes to positioning, the Epsom Duck House is versatile. If the size of your pond allows, the house can be tethered across from opposite banks. On larger ponds or lakes, it might be necessary to anchor the house in the middle of the water. For these situations, tether pegs, mud anchors, and chains are available as optional purchases.

We also want to give you peace of mind about your purchase. That’s why we confidently offer a 5-year guarantee on all our products. For further details on our guarantee, please click here. We believe in the quality of our products and their ability to create ideal environments for wildlife.

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