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The Palace II model is the ultimate home for your parakeet, providing them with an abundance of space and comfort. This aviary is one of the largest parakeet homes available worldwide, ensuring your feathered friend has ample room to spread their wings and fly.

One of the key highlights of the Palace II is the approach flap mounted above the door, making it easier for your parakeet to access their home. The aviary also features a partition wall, a door for nesting boxes, and four outer lining doors with stainless steel trays, providing an easy-to-clean and hygienic environment for your pet.

The Palace II is coated with AVILON® powder, available in the colors Platinum and Antique, and guaranteed non-toxic. The powder coating is burned-in at 220°C, making it durable and long-lasting. Please note that decoration is not included in the delivery.

This aviary measures approximately 163 x 81 x 179cm (without panel) and 183 x 101 x 179cm (with apron), with a cage-internal height of 170cm. The grating spacing is 10mm with a grating strength of 3mm, making it suitable for all parakeets and small parrots.

Please note that the Palace II is not suitable for large parrots or aras, and we recommend checking that the space provided is sufficient for a large cage before ordering.

The Palace II will be delivered to the sidewalk by a forwarding agency, and it’s important to note that the goods will not be carried into the house or on the property. The cage will be delivered in several packages, which you can easily transport yourself. Therefore, please make sure to provide your mobile phone number when placing the order, so the forwarding company can arrange an exact delivery date by phone or you can specify a delivery date during the ordering process.

Please note that the regular time of delivery by the forwarding company is between 08.00 and 16.00 o’clock, and deliveries on Saturday, Sunday, or public holidays are not possible.

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