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At, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of customer service excellence and exceptional product quality. We take great pride in the positive experiences our customers enjoy and the top-notch selections we offer. Below, you’ll find a collection of glowing testimonials from our satisfied customers who have taken the time to share their delightful experiences with us. Dive into these heartfelt reviews and see for yourself the level of happiness and satisfaction that we strive to deliver to every pet owner who chooses!

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The Pyramid Outdoor Cat tree
Joanne McAllister
Well built and solid, fast delivery

I bought this for my 5 well fed cats. They tend to squash and break cat trees, so seeing them use this and it not move is fabulous.
It came already assembled which was amazing and I was so grateful for.
I’m actually thinking about maybe buying another one for my cats for the summer (once my garden is cat proofed and they can’t escape)

It arrived super quick too.

I’m very happy with it

Innovative Design, Excellent Results!

The attention to detail on this treadmill is remarkable. From the shock-absorbing system to the adjustable fixing bar, everything is designed for a dog’s comfort and safety.

Superior Quality and Versatility!

I’m thoroughly impressed with the Firepaw Phoenix’s build and versatility. Whether it’s a quick sprint session or a longer stamina workout, this treadmill delivers.”

A Must-Have for Active Dogs!

This treadmill is perfect for keeping my high-energy dog fit and happy. The custom wheels make for smooth operation, and the safety features give me peace of mind.”

Highly Efficient and User-Friendly!

“Absolutely love this treadmill! It’s easy to set up and move around, and my dog adjusted to it quickly. The speed computer is a great feature for tracking our progress.”

Exceptional Quality and Performance!

“I’ve used many dog treadmills over the years, but the Firepaw Phoenix Dog Treadmill is in a league of its own. The craftsmanship is outstanding, and my dog loves the range of workouts. It’s the perfect tool for training and conditioning!”

Highly Recommend the Brida Cat Tree!

Its compact size fits perfectly in our apartment, and the design is so modern. Our cats are more active and happier since we got this tree. The quality is top-notch, too

The Perfect Retreat for Cats!

The Brida Cat Tree has been an instant favorite for our kitties. They love the privacy of the cave and the fun of the dangling rope. It’s not just a cat tree; it’s a play and rest haven for them.”

This cat tree is everything our cats needed and more. The multiple levels offer great exercise, and the lounging platforms are their new favorite spots to relax. It’s also incredibly easy to assemble!”

A Cat’s Paradise! Our feline friends absolutely adore the Brida Cat Tree. The scratching posts are a hit, and the cozy cave offers them the perfect spot for naps. It’s sturdy, well-designed, and a great value for money.”

The Brida Cat Tree has been a phenomenal addition to our home. The robust sisal scratching posts are perfect for our cats’ claws, and the varied levels keep them entertained for hours. Plus, its sleek design is a beautiful fit in our living space.”

Satisfied Beyond Expectations!

The Geneva hamster home is the perfect habitat for my pet. The modern design is a pleasant change from typical cages, and the transparent view lets me keep a close eye on my furry friend. It’s a wonderful product.”

Best Purchase for My Pet!

Best Purchase for My Pet! The Geneva hamster home is a game-changer. The transparent tank allows me to watch my hamster’s antics, and the easy-to-clean feature is a lifesaver. Plus, the included accessories made setup a breeze. Highly recommend!”

5 stars!

“Five Stars for the Geneva Hamster Home! My little furball loves the spacious two-storey design, and I adore how it fits seamlessly into my living room decor. Watching my hamster play and explore in the natural-like habitat brings so much joy to our family.”

High Class

The O118 Jellyfish Aquarium has completely transformed our office atmosphere. Its large capacity allows for a diverse range of jellyfish, providing a fascinating and calming focal point in our workspace. The built-in filtration system and LED lighting are superb features that make the aquarium both functional and visually stunning. It’s amazing how much this elegant piece has contributed to the overall ambiance and mood of our office. It’s not just an aquarium; it’s a piece of living art. A must-have for any modern office!


I recently purchased the O118 Jellyfish Aquarium, and I must say, it’s been a transformative experience for my home. The 120-litre tank is not only spacious but also a stunning piece of decor. The built-in filtration system is a godsend, making maintenance a breeze. But the highlight for me is the multi-LED light feature, which brings the tank to life in the evenings, creating a serene, underwater world right in my living room. It’s a fantastic conversation starter and a source of endless fascination for my guests. Highly recommend for anyone looking to add a unique touch to their space!


Fantastic purchase and high quality setup

Mounting steps

Asked my friend what she thought (ordered for her) …….words were brilliant just what she wanted …so easy now getting on her horse! and the grip on each step is such a good idea for when it’s wet and slippy…..

Excellent product. I have a cat with slight brain damage and even he can use this barrel (although he does tend to climb straight up the side) He actually uses it as his bed at night too. The other cats seem to like the *caves* I have had this quite a long time now and I am glad I bought it. Very sturdy and great for all my maine coons.

I would definitely recommend this stylish product to every pet owner ‍⬛ I bought this for Simba, as one of his Christmas pressies this year, & he is obsessed with it!!! He’s truly spoiled, money worth spending especially when he’s living his high life. The price doesn’t worry me, it’s his happiness which means everything to me!

Hi, I actually have a question but there is no place to post a question. This looks perfect to me but I am a bit worried because both the ledges appear to be the same size which makes me wonder how the cat gets from one ledge to the other? Can anyone advise? Thanks

Had previously bought the RHR quality tree and this product matches up with my expectations and my cat jumped straight on it really is good value for money as well compare to some of the other products.

A very well-made, sturdy and luxuriously soft to touch cat tree, which my two cats Tili and Simba, one maine coon and one Ragdoll, have hardly been off of since putting it together.

Highly recommend this tree. It was also very easy to put up which is a big plus!

On initial inspection the product seemed flimsy when I looked at the parts, but, once assembled it is very solid. Admittedly even larger than we anticipated, but I didn’t pay enough attention to the specs, be sure to double-check as these things are big (I’m 6ft 1/185cm for reference and it towers over me). We wanted high, I just hadn’t realised how wide and large it would be. All in all a good buy,

Overall I’m very impressed this product represents really good value for money

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