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Introducing our fantastic wall-mounted cat playground, designed to provide endless fun and entertainment for your feline friend! Our playground is expertly crafted from high-quality materials and consists of six separate parts, including two sisal columns (each 15cm in height and with a diameter of 9.5cm), a sturdy base board measuring 29.5 x 22.5cm, an 85cm x 20cm hanging bridge, a cushioned lying surface (40.5 x 31cm), and a sisal column (29cm in height and with a diameter of 8cm) complete with a plush toy ball.

With a load capacity of up to 10kg, this playground is perfect for cats of all sizes and will provide them with hours of playtime, relaxation, and exercise. The sisal columns are glued securely to the posts, providing a durable and long-lasting scratching surface that your cat will love. The hanging bridge and plush toy ball will also provide your cat with plenty of opportunities to play and explore, while the cushioned lying surface offers a comfortable place for them to rest and relax.

Easy to install and mount on any wall, this playground is a perfect addition to any cat-friendly home. So, if you want to keep your feline friend entertained and happy, order your wall-mounted cat playground today!

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with wall mounting

• consists of 6 parts

• 2 sisal columns 15 cm, ø 9.5 cm

• 1 base board 29.5 x 22.5 cm

• 1 hanging bridge 85 cm x 20 cm

• 1 cushioned lying surface 40.5 x 31 cm

• 1 sisal column 29 cm, ø 8 cm, with plush toy ball

• load capacity up to 10 kg

• sisal is glued on the post

Customer Reviews

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Very pleased with this and great value for money


I have absolutely nothing to complain about at this price! A nice addition to my climbing wall

Mandy Bernades

Overall I'm very impressed this product represents really good value for money

Caroline L.

"WOW! The wall-mounted cat playground is a game-changer. My fur baby, Whiskers, absolutely loves it. She spends hours scratching, playing, and lounging. Highly recommended for all cat parents!" - Caroline L.


My cat can't get enough of this playground! She naps on the cushioned surface, and I often find her perched on the hanging bridge, keeping an eye on her kingdom. It's her new favorite place.