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Introducing the latest in feline entertainment and comfort, the TV-Inspired Cat Scratching Board. This innovative two-in-one design is not just a cozy house for your cat to lounge in, but it also serves as a robust scratching board. Designed to look like a charming retro television, it adds a whimsical touch to your home decor while providing your beloved pet with a personal play space. With dimensions of 32.5H x 43L x 23W cm and an inner space of 24H x 37L x 22.5W cm, it’s the perfect size for cats weighing up to 3kg.

Crafted from high-quality AB corrugated cardboard, it’s engineered to meet your cat’s natural scratching needs, thus protecting your furniture from their claws. This durable material is also odorless and recyclable, ensuring the product is as eco-friendly as it is pet-friendly. Plus, the scratcher’s delightful TV shape not only entertains your cat but also becomes a conversation piece in any room.

The board comes with an irresistible toy mouse that dangles playfully, tapping into your cat’s hunting instincts for hours of interactive play. It’s a fantastic way for them to engage in hide-and-seek and pounce to their heart’s content. We also understand that adapting to new surroundings can be challenging for pets, which is why we’ve included catnip to help your cat quickly embrace their new favorite spot.

Ease of assembly is a hallmark of this scratching board, and it can be set up in no time, thanks to the straightforward manual included. Please note that as a consumable, the corrugated cardboard will naturally wear over time with your cat’s enthusiastic use. This product, labeled D30-773V00MX, comes packaged with one cat scratching post and a manual, ensuring that you have all you need to eliminate boredom from your pet’s life and make every day an engaging adventure.

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  • Dimensions: 32.5H x 43L x 23Wcm. Inner space: 24H x 37L x 22.5Wcm. Suitable for cats up to 3kg. Easy assembly required.