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We present the Wall-Mounted Cat Tree Dolomit XL Tofana, an opulent and tasteful wall-mounted cat tree that will stand out in any residence.

This cat tree has seven levels, giving your feline pals plenty of room to lounge, climb, and play. Your kitties will be happy and entertained knowing they have everything they need for a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

The Wall-Mounted Cat Tree Dolomit XL Tofana is made of a number of premium, long-lasting sisal poles, making it ideal for your cats to stretch out and hone their claws. The cat tree features numerous platforms and beds for a cozy and calm slumber when it’s time.

You can be sure that this cat tree, like other Kerbl items, was made with excellent craftsmanship, resulting in a long-lasting, robust product that your pets will love for years to come.

The Wall-Mounted Cat Tree Dolomit XL Tofana is 185 cm tall and provides plenty of space for your cats to exercise and get the mental stimulation they require, especially if they are kept indoors.

The cat tree comes with simple assembly instructions, so you don’t need to be an expert at DIY to put it together fast and start letting your feline friends benefit from this gorgeous cat tree.

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• with wall mounting

• woven fabric cushion with Velcro strap, removable

• cave: ø 40 x 30 cm

• height: 185 cm

• hammock: 45 x 30 cm

• middle bed area: 70 x 40 cm

• bed: diameter 45 x 8 cm

• lie down area: ø 45 cm

• post: ø 10 cm

• sisal glued to the posts

• incl. screws

Customer Reviews

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Firstly, the product is great. The cushions feel a bit flimsy and could use a touch of glue to properly nail down, but aside from that the only other problem is actually building it.

Advice from someone who just built it:
1: it’s a two or 3 person job. DO NOT attempt to build this by yourself.
2: once it’s built, get 2 people to hold it against the wall and mark the drill holes.
3: drill the holes, then get the bolts that are for anchoring to the walls. Tighten them finger tight and then hammer into the wall. Drill the bolts shut, anchoring them in. Then undo the bolt and the nut at the back should be firmly in place ready for mounting. Again - this is NOT a single person job.
4: once your anchors are in, there’s no getting them out, so if you need spares, I recommend the large nylon hammer fixings. We used 2 on here, as you don’t get spare bolts for the case where you F up.

The cats love it - so it’s all wins here.


Very happy with this cat tree. It is not the easiest cat tree to get up and running although the instruction are relatively clear. We did mange to get it up after an hour or so and appears to be very strong and no movement or wobbling.


Very high quality play centre. As mentioned in previous reviews, it does require a couple of people to attach it to the wall, but the quality is clear to see and appears to be very strong.


Excellent quality product, easy to assemble. Superb value for money. Unfortunately they were unable to deliver to my location directly. However, they were very helpful in providing size and weight information in order for us to use a third party courier.


Good and sturdy cat tree, managed to put up myself by following the instructions to a T! The QR code on the instructions lead to a private YouTube video but with a quick search, I managed to find the video with the correct installation instructions. The wall plugs that came with the tower work well with solid walls (concrete, brick) but you may need different wall plugs for plasterboard walls.

Once put up, the cat tree doesn’t move or wobble if installed correctly. My largest cat (6kg) can run up and down it with ease.