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The Cat Tree Tiana is a must-have for all cat owners seeking a combination of robust scratching and ultimate comfort for their feline friend. Unlike traditional cat trees, this one blends the strength of a scratching barrel with a striking scratching post to offer a unique and stylish cat tree combo.

The 180-degree large sisal scratching surface of the barrel is perfect for your cat to exercise their claws, while the two separate inner cushions offer added comfort for your pet to relax in. The exterior of the barrel is decorated with an adorable cat and butterfly motif that adds a cute and stylish touch to your home décor.

The 8cm scratching post has been designed to complement the barrel and is finished with sisal carpet that has been glued to the post to ensure it remains robust as your cat has their precious little manicure. Your cat has three stories to explore, with the 36cm diameter top of the barrel offering enough space for your cat to perch and watch their owners make them their dinner.

Standing at 130cm tall, the Cat Tree Tiana provides your feline friend with the perfect view of their surroundings, and with its stylish design, it will blend seamlessly into your home décor. This cat tree combo is a fantastic investment for cat owners who want to provide their pets with a comfortable and entertaining space that they can call their own.

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height: 130 cm

• base plate: 56 x 38 cm

• with 3-storey barrel: ø 38 cm, height 98 cm

• barrel with large sisal scratching surface and 2 separate inner cushions

• 45 cm lying surface with removable cuddly bed

• cuddly bed and inner cushion washable by hand

• cushioned lying surface on the barrel ø 36 cm

• post: ø 8 cm

• sisal carpet glued to the posts

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

The Cat Tree Tiana is a true gem for cat owners. The combination of the scratching barrel and scratching post offers the best of both worlds. The durability of the sisal carpet on the post ensures it can withstand my cat's scratching habits. The 130cm height provides an elevated viewpoint for my cat. It's a fantastic investment that keeps both my cat and me happy.


The Cat Tree Tiana is a fantastic investment for cat owners who prioritize their pets' comfort and entertainment. The robust scratching barrel and scratching post provide the perfect outlets for my cat's natural scratching instincts. The added bonus of the inner cushions gives my cat a cozy retreat. This tree has quickly become my cat's favorite spot in the house!


"If you want to give your cat the ultimate view and comfort, the Cat Tree Tiana is the way to go. At 130cm tall, it offers an impressive vantage point for my cat. The stylish design seamlessly blends into my home decor, and I love how it becomes a statement piece. It's not just visually appealing but also provides a comfortable and entertaining space for my feline friend."


I'm thrilled with the Cat Tree Tiana! The 8cm scratching post is a perfect complement to the scratching barrel. The sisal carpet ensures durability, even during intense scratching sessions. My cat enjoys exploring the three stories of this tree, and the 36cm diameter top provides a great perch for observing their surroundings. It's a stylish and functional addition to my home.


The Cat Tree Tiana is an absolute must-have for cat owners! The combination of the scratching barrel and scratching post is genius. My cat loves the 180-degree large sisal scratching surface, which provides ample exercise for their claws. The two inner cushions offer a cozy and comfortable spot for my cat to relax. Plus, the cat and butterfly motif adds a delightful touch to my home decor.