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Treat your beloved feline to a majestic abode with their very own multifunctional cat castle! Designed to cater to your cat’s every need, this unique castle offers an all-in-one solution for play, relaxation, and hygiene.

Featuring a litter box and a cozy basket at the top of the tower, this cat castle ensures that your furry friend has everything they need in one convenient location. The top tower is also equipped with a scratching mat, perfect for your spirited cat to maintain their claws.

Not only is this litter box aesthetically pleasing, but it also boasts practical features such as a drawer for the grid, an outlet grid for leftover pellets, and a removable basket for sleep or play.

Three-in-One Design Who needs a three-piece suit when you can have a three-piece tray?

Outlet Grate The interior platform catches any excess litter as your cat exits the litter box, ensuring that they leave behind any debris before stepping back into your home. This feature helps keep your living space clean and free from stray litter.

Discover the fantastic additional features of this multifunctional cat castle and give your cherished pet the royal treatment they deserve!

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Colour: White
weight: 5.5kg
Dimensions: 50x50x55cm
Material: Polystyrene
Recommended weight: 1- 10kg
Litter Box, Drawer, Mat