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Since my journey began in 1979, I have crafted over a thousand dovecotes, which makes me feel confident in saying that I have indeed mastered the art of dovecote creation. I remember the first dovecote I crafted; it was far from perfect and I felt compelled to take an axe to it. Since then, I’ve come a long way and have not only lost the axe but also the need to use it. There are nuances to understand about doves and the specific requirements of their dovecotes. Some features are critical, while others are less so, but knowing the difference is my forte.

When it comes to the location of a dovecote, it’s essential to consider where you would like it positioned so you can appreciate it from your preferred viewpoint. Ideally, dovecotes should be placed in a sunny location, positioned away from any objects or structures that predators could use to access the nests, such as trees, fences, or sheds.

As for erecting a dovecote, we do provide a comprehensive instruction sheet. But here’s a brief guide: Start by digging a hole with a ‘slip trench’. Assemble the two-part post and attach the finial on top of the dovecote. With the dovecote lying on its side, insert the post into the central shaft within the dovecote. Stand the dovecote upright and backfill the hole. Attach our under-turf stabilisers and continue backfilling, then re-lay the turf. I assure you, no concrete is required. Having erected countless dovecotes, I can vouch for the fact that concrete has never been necessary.

The post of the dovecote is made in the same way a split cane fishing rod is stronger than an uncut cane. I craft my dovecote posts from selected sections, which I laminate together to create a solid post. This method results in an incredibly strong structure. Plus, as the sections are individually pressure-treated, the post has multiple layers of protection underground, providing durability and longevity.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and their longevity. That’s why we offer a comprehensive 5-year guarantee on all our products. For more details about our guarantee, please click here. My years of experience and commitment to excellence ensure that each dovecote is crafted to meet the needs of its feathery inhabitants, while also being a beautiful addition to your landscape.

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