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The Epsom Twelve Nest offers an unparalleled habitat solution specifically designed to meet the needs of ducks. Much like a nest box serves as an abode for a blue tit, the Epsom Twelve Nest provides a secure and inviting space for nesting, and possibly, a safe spot for night roosting.

It’s vital to remember that these birds are predominantly wild creatures. They’ll move into the Epsom Twelve Nest, raise their young, and then, following their natural instincts, they will move on. This is not a reflection of dissatisfaction, but merely their natural behavior, so it’s essential not to take it to heart.

To attract these waterfowl to the Epsom Twelve Nest, it should mirror the conditions of their natural environment as closely as possible. This could involve adding a handful of disorderly reeds and a smudge of bank mud to the nesting areas. An often suggested, but not yet confirmed, method is to cover the nest floor with a piece of damp turf, with the green side down.

Should you wish to clean your Epsom Twelve Nest, it’s best to do so annually, preferably in the early autumn. As our aim is to coax these wild birds to accept an unconventional nesting site, it’s important to steer clear of strongly scented cleaners. Instead, simply remove some of the old nesting material and wash the structure gently with pond water.

The Epsom Twelve Nest stands out with its unique design, featuring a dodecagonal float and house that incorporate twelve separate nesting bays. This design offers a high degree of adaptability when it comes to positioning. If your pond’s dimensions allow, the nest can be stretched across from opposite banks. In the case of larger ponds or lakes, you may need to anchor the house in the middle of the water. Optional accessories like tether pegs, mud anchors, and chains can be purchased to assist with this.

We are proud of the quality of our products and their ability to create a nature-like environment for our feathered friends. This is why the Epsom Twelve Nest, like all our products, comes with a comprehensive 5-year guarantee. For more details on our guarantee, please click here. Investing in an Epsom Twelve Nest is a significant stride towards providing a nurturing space for these magnificent creatures.

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W 1275cm D 275cm H 120cm