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The Epsom Two Nest is a sophisticated and practical solution for avian accommodation, functioning much like a multi-unit residence. Similar to the role a nest box plays for a blue tit, the Epsom Two Nest caters to ducks, providing them a secure and comfortable place for nesting and potentially a safe roosting spot during the night.

Keep in mind that these avian visitors are mainly wild by nature. They will embrace the comforts of the Epsom Two Nest, raise their offspring, and then, following their instincts, they will continue on their journey. This shouldn’t be taken personally – it’s simply a part of their natural cycle.

Attracting these waterfowl requires making the Epsom Two Nest feel as natural as possible. An authentic scent and appearance are key. Enhance the appeal of the nesting areas by adding a scattering of disordered reeds and a dash of bank mud. A technique often suggested, though not proven, involves laying a damp turf on the floor of the nest, green side down.

If you wish to clean and maintain your Epsom Two Nest, it’s suggested to do this once annually, ideally in the early autumn. But remember, we’re aiming to persuade wild creatures to accept an unusual nesting site. As such, it’s best to steer clear of strongly aromatic cleaners. Simply remove some of the old nesting material and gently rinse the structure with pond water.

The Epsom Two Nest is ingeniously designed with a rectangular float, a house, and a roof, all featuring two separate nesting bays. This unique design allows for flexibility when positioning. If your pond size allows, the nest can be stretched across from opposite banks. In case of larger ponds or lakes, anchoring the house in mid-water may be necessary. Optional purchases such as tether pegs, mud anchors, and chains are available for these purposes.

Your investment in the Epsom Two Nest also comes with added assurance. We proudly offer a 5-year guarantee on all our products, providing peace of mind with your purchase. For more information on our guarantee, please click here. We stand by the quality of our products and their ability to provide a natural-like habitat for our winged friends.

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