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The Epsom Six Nest offers an unmatched accommodation solution for our feathered friends. Drawing a parallel to a nest box providing refuge to a blue tit, the Epsom Six Nest is meticulously designed to meet the needs of ducks. It provides them with a secure and homely environment for nesting, and may also serve as a safe roost during the night.

Do bear in mind, these waterfowl are primarily wild and their behaviors reflect this. They will inhabit the Epsom Six Nest, rear their young, and when the time is right, continue their journey. This behavior is part of their wild instinct, so don’t feel disheartened when they leave.

To make the Epsom Six Nest appealing to these creatures, it’s important to emulate a natural ambiance. Enhance the nesting areas with a sprinkle of disorderly reeds and a dash of bank mud. A suggestion that has been shared, although not thoroughly tested, is to cover the nest floor with damp turf, placed green side down.

If you decide to clean your Epsom Six Nest, it’s best to do so annually, typically in the early autumn. As we’re encouraging these wild birds to use this unconventional nesting site, it’s important to avoid using strongly scented cleaners. Simply dispose of some of the old nesting material and wash the structure down with pond water.

The Epsom Six Nest boasts a unique design, featuring a hexagonal float, house, and roof, all containing six separate nesting bays. The design offers a significant level of flexibility when it comes to positioning. If your pond allows, the nest can be strung across from opposite banks. For larger ponds or lakes, anchoring the house in the middle of the water may be necessary. To facilitate this, optional extras such as tether pegs, mud anchors, and chains are available for purchase.

We believe in the quality of our products and their capability to create conducive environments for wildlife. For this reason, the Epsom Six Nest, like all our products, comes with a 5-year guarantee. For more details on our guarantee, please click here. We’re confident this investment will serve as a perfect abode for our wild, winged friends.

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