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The Epsom Eight Nest is a premium habitat solution designed with a particular attention to the needs of our avian counterparts. It’s akin to a nest box for a blue tit, the Epsom Eight Nest serves as an ideal shelter for ducks, offering them a secure and inviting space for nesting and potentially a safe haven for night roosting.

Remember, these birds primarily follow their wild instincts. They will move into the Epsom Eight Nest, nurture their young, and once the time is right, embark on their onward journey. This isn’t a sign of ingratitude, rather it’s their natural behavior, so there’s no need to take it personally.

Attracting these waterfowl to the Epsom Eight Nest requires creating an environment that replicates their natural habitat. To achieve this, you might consider adding a bit of disorderly reeds and a dab of bank mud to the nesting areas. An oft-mentioned, yet unproven, tip includes laying a piece of damp turf on the nest floor, with the green side facing down.

If cleaning and maintenance of your Epsom Eight Nest are on your mind, it’s recommended to carry out this task once a year, ideally in the early autumn. Since we are trying to entice these wild creatures to an unconventional nesting site, it’s crucial to avoid strongly scented cleaners. The best approach is to remove some of the old nesting material and cleanse the structure gently with pond water.

The Epsom Eight Nest is designed with unique features, including an octagonal float, house, and roof, and comes equipped with eight separate nesting bays. This distinctive design affords great flexibility when it comes to positioning. If your pond is large enough, the nest can be extended across from opposite banks. For larger ponds or lakes, it may be necessary to anchor the house in the middle of the water. For these purposes, optional extras such as tether pegs, mud anchors, and chains can be purchased.

We’re proud of the quality of our products and their capacity to facilitate an environment akin to the natural habitats of our winged guests. As such, the Epsom Eight Nest, like all our products, comes with a robust 5-year guarantee. For more information about our guarantee, please click here. Investing in the Epsom Eight Nest is a step towards providing a haven for these beautiful creatures.

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