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If you’re a dog owner, you know how important it is to give your furry friend a good night’s sleep. Unsuitable beds can cause pain and tension, especially in older dogs and dogs with joint problems. That’s where the orthopedic dog mat TIRANO comes in – it’s the perfect solution to give your pet the restful sleep they need.

Featuring a pressure-relieving memory foam mat, the TIRANO orthopedic dog mat optimally distributes the weight of your dog, relieving the entire body and providing them with ultimate comfort. Even dogs that perform particularly well in sports or puppies that need preventive care will benefit from this comfortable dog mat. Whether used on its own or as an inlay, for example in dog boxes, the TIRANO will provide your furry friend with the support they need for a peaceful night’s sleep.

The TIRANO’s lying surface is scored with warming, cuddly plush trimming, giving it a pleasant, soft feel and an elegant appearance. And with its slip-resistant underside, you won’t have to worry about the mat sliding around.

The TIRANO’s robust and easy-care cover can be completely removed thanks to the zipper and washed at 30°C. Just remember to close the zipper before washing!

Invest in your pet’s comfort and well-being with the TIRANO orthopedic dog mat. Whether your dog has joint and back problems or just needs a comfortable place to sleep, this dog mat is the perfect solution.

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