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Introducing the Groomers Mastiff Walk-In Static Bath—a specially designed bathing solution that caters to the needs of giant breeds, offering ease and convenience during grooming sessions. Constructed from durable 1.5mm heavy gauge stainless steel, this bath is built to withstand the demands of professional grooming environments.

With its generous dimensions of 146cm (L) x 135cm (H) x 78cm (D), the Mastiff Walk-In Static Bath provides ample space for large dogs weighing up to 150kg. The rolled front edge ensures stability and groomer comfort, enhancing the bathing experience for both the pet and the groomer.

Featuring a removable raised platform, this bath accommodates smaller breeds as well. The platform, made from durable steel, includes a plastic grid that allows for medium and small dogs to be washed at a suitable height for the groomer. This versatility ensures efficient and comfortable bathing for pets of different sizes.

The open front design of the Mastiff Walk-In Static Bath allows large and giant breeds to step directly into the tub, eliminating the need for lifting or maneuvering. This feature simplifies the bathing process and offers ample room for bathing even the largest dogs. The bath’s high back and sides provide excellent protection against splashes, ensuring a clean and controlled grooming environment.

Equipped with a built-in H-bar and two grooming nooses, this bath ensures the safety and security of pets during bathing. These features offer stability and restraint, preventing pets from moving or slipping during the grooming process.

Please note that the Mastiff Walk-In Static Bath does not come with a shower attachment. It is typically used with separate, wall-mounted showers, while the bath itself acts as a shower tray.

The Mastiff Walk-In Static Bath requires self-assembly and plumbing, and it is delivered curbside for your convenience. Additionally, please note that the bath does not come with a shower head or hose.

Invest in the Groomers Mastiff Walk-In Static Bath—a durable and versatile bathing solution that simplifies the grooming process for giant breeds. Experience ease of use, exceptional durability, and a professional grooming experience for both groomer and pet.

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Specially designed for bathing giant breeds with ease
Made from 1.5mm heavy gauge stainless steel
Features a removable raised platform for smaller breeds
Suitable for dogs weighing up to 150kg
Built-in H-bar and two nooses
High back and sides protect against splashes
Tub height 30cm, with platform 90cm
146 (L) x 135 (H) x 78cm (D)