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Introducing our Premium Stainless Steel Waiting Cage – Large, a versatile and spacious solution for pet containment in salon environments with limited space. Crafted from highly durable stainless steel, this pet crate offers exceptional quality and long-lasting performance.

Constructed from stainless steel, this waiting cage is not only highly durable but also rust-proof and resistant to urine corrosion. The robust construction ensures reliability and ensures a hygienic environment for pets.

With dimensions of 117cm in length, 66cm in depth, and 82cm in height, this large waiting cage provides ample space for pets to rest comfortably. The internal dimensions of 111cm (L) x 64cm (D) x 76cm (H) offer generous room for pets while optimizing their safety and security.

The stackable design of this waiting cage allows for efficient use of space, making it ideal for salons with limited floor space. You can easily stack multiple cages, creating a neat and organized setup to maximize your available space.

Cleaning the cage is a breeze, thanks to the included dividers, grids, and trays. These features simplify the cleaning process, ensuring quick and easy removal of any mess or debris, while maintaining a clean and hygienic environment.

The latch-style lock ensures the safety and security of pets, providing a quick and convenient way to open and close the cage. The secure locking mechanism offers peace of mind, knowing that pets are safely contained.

Each waiting cage comes complete with a fixing set, allowing you to securely attach multiple cages together. This ensures stability and prevents any unwanted movement or separation of cages, providing a secure and reliable setup.

For enhanced maneuverability in your salon, this cage can be used with our wheeled tray (GFPC101W). The wheeled tray adds convenience, making it easier to move and position the cage within your salon, saving you time and effort.

Choose our Premium Stainless Steel Waiting Cage – Large for a reliable and spacious solution in your salon. With its easy-to-clean design, stackable functionality, and secure locking mechanism, this waiting cage provides a safe and comfortable resting place for pets while optimizing your salon space. Trust in its exceptional quality and versatility to enhance the efficiency of your salon operations. Please note that curbside delivery is available for this product.

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  • Pet crate made from highly durable stainless steel
  • Easy to clean, rust-proof and robust
  • Stackable to maximise space
  • 117(L) x 66(D) x 82cm(H)
  • Internal size 111(L) x 64(D) x 76cm(H)
  • Comes complete with a fixing set to attach to another waiting cage securely
  • Can be used with the wheeled tray GFPC101W