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Introducing the Easy Step Static Stainless Steel Bath—a high-quality and reliable bathing solution designed to streamline the dog bathing process for professional groomers. Crafted from durable stainless steel, this bath offers exceptional durability, ease of maintenance, and a sleek appearance that will maintain its smart and shiny look for a lifetime.

The Easy Step Static Stainless Steel Bath is specifically designed to enhance the efficiency and ease of dog bathing. Featuring a sliding door and pull-out steps, this bath ensures safe and convenient access for dogs, simplifying the bathing process for both groomers and pets. The steps can be conveniently stored underneath the bath when not in use.

With its high back and sides, this bath provides optimum splash protection, safeguarding your salon walls against water and suds. The high splashback, along with the high sides, ensures a clean and controlled grooming environment.

The bath has a weight capacity of 140kg, making it suitable for larger dog breeds. Additionally, it features a platform that raises the bath floor to facilitate bathing smaller breeds at a comfortable working height, accommodating various sizes of pets.

Included with the Easy Step Static Stainless Steel Bath are essential accessories to enhance functionality and convenience. These accessories include a mixer tap, product tray for organizing shampoos and conditioners, an H bar for added security and control, and a waste hose for efficient drainage. The bath also includes a flexible blaster hose and connector compatible with Scirocco or Mistral dryers, allowing for drying within the bath area without the need to bring the dryer close to the water supply.

Measuring 129cm (L) x 70cm (W), this bath provides ample space for bathing dogs of various sizes. With a height of 155cm from the floor to the top of the splashback, it offers a comfortable working height for groomers.

Please note that the Easy Step Static Stainless Steel Bath does not come with a shower attachment. It is typically used with separate, wall-mounted showers, while the bath tub itself acts as a shower tray.

The Easy Step Static Stainless Steel Bath requires self-assembly and plumbing. It is delivered curbside for your convenience.

Choose the Easy Step Static Stainless Steel Bath—a durable, practical, and efficient bathing solution that simplifies the grooming process and ensures a positive experience for both groomers and pets.

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High-quality stainless steel bath
Features a sliding door and pull-out steps
Features a high back and sides for splash protection
140kg weight capacity
With a platform to raise height for smaller breeds
Accessories: mixer tap, product tray, H bar, waste hose
Includes a flexible blaster hose and connector
129 (L) x 70 (W)
155cm (Floor to top of splashback)