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Elevate your cat’s world—literally—with the Jarnis Cat Tree, engineered for adventurous felines who love to explore new heights. This floor-to-ceiling fixture is as versatile as it is tall, thanks to its adjustable top pole, which allows it to adapt to varying ceiling heights, making it the perfect addition to rooms of all sizes. The robust construction, featuring a sturdy particle board core, ensures this vertical playground is both stable and durable, ready to withstand your cat’s active lifestyle for years to come.

Cloaked in sumptuous flannel fabric, the Jarnis Cat Tree provides a luxurious sanctuary for your feline friend. Whether they’re climbing, lounging, or napping, this plush haven guarantees your pet’s every moment is filled with unrivaled comfort. The tree features three strategically spaced perches, providing your cat with options for effortless climbing and descending, as well as opportunities to rest and relax at various altitudes. Each perch can serve as an observatory, a vantage point for window-gazing, or a serene place for a rejuvenating nap—all depending on what your feline companion desires at the moment.

With its impressive stability, you can rest easy knowing that the Jarnis Cat Tree’s expansive base ensures a firm and balanced foundation. This guarantees a safe and secure environment for your pet as they ascend to their lofty perches or descend back to ground level.

Visually, the earthy brown tones of the Jarnis Cat Tree make it a versatile match for various interior design styles. Compact in its footprint, the tree measures 43L x 27W cm, but stretches skyward with an adjustable height ranging from 228 to 260 cm. Designed to comfortably accommodate cats weighing up to 5 kg, this tree is a functional yet stylish solution for feline adventurers.

While some assembly is required, the sheer joy and endless exploration that this vertical wonderland brings to your feline friend makes it a cherished and worthwhile addition to any cat-centric home.

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Dimensions: 91H x 45L x 45Wcm. Top basket: 8H x 45L x 36Wcm. Middle perch: Ф35.5cm. Base: 45L x 45Wcm. Central pole: Ф16.5cm
Weight capacity: 30kg
Net weight: 6kg
Custom label: D30-269BN

Replacement parts are not offered for this cat tree