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Experience the Elmira Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree by PawHut—a veritable skyscraper for your feline friend that turns ordinary living spaces into lush, green sanctuaries. Far more than a mere cat tower, this high-rise haven rises to touch your ceiling, adjusting seamlessly between 202-242 cm.

Its innovative tension rod ensures unparalleled stability, allowing your cat to climb, jump, and leap with complete security. Picture the Leaning Tower of Pisa for cats—only steadier! Designed with artificial foliage and climbing vines, your pet will feel as if they’ve entered their very own jungle escape. This isn’t just a cat tree; it’s a leafy, vibrant retreat offering the essence of the great outdoors—minus the mud and insects.

Satisfy your cat’s scratching instincts with the Elmira’s jute rope posts, a unique and natural material that irresistibly attracts feline claws. Renowned as the ‘golden fiber,’ jute offers a rustic, textured experience that will make your precious furniture a distant memory for your pet.

Constructed from heavy-duty particle board and fortified with an anti-slip kit, this towering structure is built to withstand the liveliest of feline antics. It’s essentially an amusement park for cats weighing up to 5kg, featuring generous perches that match the spacious base dimensions of 202-242H x 37L x 21W cm, complete with posts measuring Φ9.6cm for all-out scratching.

In summary, the Elmira Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree transforms your living space into a feline paradise that combines lofty heights, a naturalistic environment, and scratch-friendly materials. It’s the ultimate in-home adventure for your cat, promising durability, safety, and endless hours of interactive fun. Elevate your cat’s living experience—step into this slice of paradise today!

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  • Dimensions: 202- 242H x 37L x 21Wcm. Suitable for cats under 5kg.
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