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Step into a sophisticated universe where cutting-edge design complements feline comfort with the Cat Tree CityStyle, a modern masterpiece crafted expressly for the contemporary cat. Constructed from premium ø 5 mm jute and coated MDF that exudes a chic wood-like appearance, the CityStyle seamlessly combines Sturdy and Stylish elements. It features a Cozy Retreat in the form of a private cave, complete with a reversible cushion crafted from woven material and polyester. This snug nook provides your cat with a perfect escape to relax and unwind. Plus, with its hand-washable cushion, Easy Maintenance ensures that your feline’s personal haven stays fresh and clean, effortlessly.

Adding to the allure is Lounging Luxury in the form of a quilted hammock. Suspended gracefully, it offers a unique twist to the traditional cat tree, providing an elevated sanctuary for your cat to rest or survey their kingdom. Complementing its array of features, the CityStyle flaunts a Modern Palette of sleek grey and black tones, allowing it to integrate flawlessly into any contemporary interior setting. Despite its abundant amenities, the CityStyle maintains a Compact Design. Covering a floor space of just 58 × 38 cm and standing at a height of 98 cm, it maximizes comfort and style without consuming excessive room space.

Available through both retail outlets and online shops for your convenience, the Cat Tree CityStyle doesn’t just provide a place for your cat to relax; it enhances your living space with its modern, aesthetic appeal. Its Item Number is 44724, making it easily identifiable in TRIXIE’s wide range of pet products. Gift your feline companion the ultimate fusion of style and comfort, uniquely embodied in the unparalleled Cat Tree CityStyle.

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58 × 38 cm, : 98 cm