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Maintaining a clean litter box has never been more straightforward with the Petlux XL litter box. The innovative pull-out drawer design allows for easy and hassle-free cleaning without needing to relocate the entire box, offering a sleek and functional solution. Plus, the drawer comes with an integrated storage compartment for the litter scoop, adding extra convenience for you.

To combat unwanted odors, an air filter (sold separately) can be utilized to effectively eliminate unpleasant smells before they permeate your living area. This filter can be placed either within the Petlux XL litter box or alongside any other PELTUX litter boxes. Explore the product here to maintain a fresh and clean atmosphere in your home.

Additionally, the litter box is equipped with an outlet grille that helps retain litter within the box. An interior platform captures any loose litter from your cat’s paws, ensuring it remains inside the box and maintains cleanliness in your home. Experience a tidier and more user-friendly litter box experience with the Petlux XL litter box.

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Colors: White
weight : 4kg
Dimensions: 60x44x45cm
Material: Polystyrene, wood
Contents: litter box, liner

Patent number: 89587-03