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Bring a touch of elegance and modern style to your cat’s world with the Blanc Bundle. This bundle features all-white Busycat and Gamma pieces, making it perfect for the minimalist cat owner who wants a sleek and sophisticated cat wall. The pieces in this bundle seamlessly blend into any interior and provide a stylish touch to any room.

But the Blanc Bundle is not just about style. It is also designed with your cat’s comfort and entertainment in mind. You can get creative and build your own unique cat wall with these pieces, and there are no rules or patterns to follow – just make sure it’s cat-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

The Blanc Bundle includes mounting hardware for brick and concrete walls, so installation is a breeze. However, if you have drywall or are unsure about wall type or mounting, seek professional assistance or purchase drywall anchors separately from your local store. With the Blanc Bundle, you can give your cat a functional and fashionable space to play, climb, and relax in style.

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《Product Details》
Spaceship Gamma (Oak/Walnut/White/Black) x 1 pc



Dimension (cm):

Diameter 40 x H 40 cm

Entry – Diameter 47.5 cm

Weight (kg):

4.8 kg

Max Loading:

about 15 kg


Cat-Friendly Furniture, Wall-Mounted Cat shelves, Cat Wall, Cat Tree, Cat step, Cat Climbing, Cat walkway

Suitable for Kitten, Bengal, Norwegian Forest, Maine Coon, American Shorthair, Domestic cat, Dog-cat Family