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Discover the epitome of luxury and refinement with the Champions Only Column 117cm Cat Tree. A meticulously crafted haven, this piece is destined to be a majestic sanctuary for your feline companion. The centerpiece, a designer scratching barrel, effortlessly elevates your home decor while providing an ultra-stable surface for your cat’s scratching pleasures. Its chic design not only adds a touch of elegance but ensures your cat has a luxurious lounging spot to recline and revel in.

Crafted from the softest and most opulent plush velvet, every touchpoint on this cat tree whispers comfort. Your cherished feline will find themselves enveloped in a world of coziness, a perfect space to snuggle, unwind, and dream. As they explore the multiple levels, they’ll be met with an array of climbing and playing experiences. Each tier offers a fresh perspective, an opportunity for adventure and a vantage point to survey their domain with regal pride.

Safety, as always, is paramount. With its robust, thick base, the Champions Only Column Cat Tree promises unwavering stability. Whether your cat is climbing, playing, or simply lounging, they can do so with the confidence that their regal perch is solid. Adding to its allure, the tree comes in two sophisticated neutral tones, ensuring that while your feline basks in luxury, your home’s aesthetics remain undisturbed.

In essence, the Champions Only Column 117cm Cat Tree is more than a sanctuary; it’s a statement of opulence and care. Every facet, from its plush velvet textures to its designer scratching barrel, speaks of unparalleled luxury. Gift your feline friend this masterpiece and watch as they revel in an experience crafted just for them.

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Length: 76cm
Width: 56cm
Height: 117cm