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Introducing the Waterton Deluxe Cat Tree – the ultimate addition to multi-cat households! This strong and super-stable cat tree is designed to provide your furry friends with a space to snooze, scratch, and play all in one exciting activity tree.

Cats will love climbing to the highest point, where a large sleeping space awaits them, complete with a luxurious soft and velvety cushion. From this lookout spot, your feline friend can survey their domain and enjoy a great view of their surroundings.

The hammock is extremely strong, with soft fabric attached directly onto a steel ring to ensure it can carry very heavy weights. This is particularly great for larger breeds, such as the Maine Coon, who will love lounging in comfort.

Your room tiger can use the extra-thick sisal-wrapped scratching stems to sharpen their claws gently, which will protect your furniture and sofa in the process.

With its simple yet stylish design, the Waterton Deluxe Cat Tree is sure to be a favorite with your feline friend and look great in any home. With a total weight of over 23KG, it is the ultimate luxury class from the Canadian Cat Company’s cat tree collection.

The Waterton Deluxe Cat Tree comes in three stunning colors, giving you the flexibility to choose the one that best complements your home decor. So, if you’re looking for a sturdy and stylish cat tree that can withstand the playful antics of your feline friends, look no further than the Waterton Deluxe Cat Tree. Order yours today and give your cats the ultimate luxury experience they deserve!

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Size (W/D/H)
approx. 60,0 x 100,0 x 153,0 cm
approx. 23,00 kg