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Introducing the Tampa Cat Tree: a snug haven tailored for kittens and petite feline breeds, promising a world of adventure within its compact design!

Unveiling a harmonious blend of style and strength, the Tampa Cat Tree stands on three sturdy columns made of solid wood and natural textures. These visually appealing pillars not only add a touch of rustic charm but also provide an irresistible scratching surface. So, while your cat revels in these scratch-friendly posts, your cherished sofa will remain untouched!

Boasting a unique tripod framework, the Tampa ensures unwavering stability. Whether your cat is engaged in a playful frenzy or leisurely stretching, this tree remains rock-solid, free from wobbles or shakes.

But that’s not all! A standout feature is the hanging hammock, a cradle of unparalleled comfort that seems to whisk your furry friend away into a realm of relaxation.

At the Tampa’s summit lies an inviting perch deck, allowing your cat to observe their domain or watch the world beyond. To enhance the comfort quotient, this area comes with a plush, removable pillow. Easy to clean, it can be effortlessly machine-washed, ensuring your cat always has a fresh spot to lounge on.

And for those times when your feline desires a sprinkle of solitude, the Tampa cat tree offers a cozy housing nook. Thoughtfully designed, it features a quaint window, letting your cat maintain a subtle connection to their surroundings, ensuring they never feel isolated from their adoring family. In essence, the Tampa Cat Tree is a compact marvel packed with amenities, promising fun, relaxation, and security in equal measure!

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Length 45 cm
Width 45 cm
Height 70 cm
Weight 13.5 kg
Number of boxes 1
Plush / fabric quality 500 gram plush gr/m2
Sisal thickness 5.20 mm
Pole(s) diameter(s) 7 cm
Baseboard measurements
L x W x H
45 x 45 x 2 cm
Plush color cream
Sisal color NATURAL